Tournament Rules and Information

Hosted by a partnership between PASS FC and SCOR Meulensteen soccer clubs of greater Grand Rapids.

Tournament Registration and Fees
● U8-U10 $450
● U11-U12 $500
● U13-U17 $550

Competition Level
Select to mid-level Premier
Team may register for an age group no greater than one year older than their roster indicates.
International teams invited to register.
2018 Tournament Age groups
Boys and Girls
U8 – 2010 or after Birth year
U9 – 2009 or after Birth year
U10 – 2008 or after Birth year
U11 – 2007 or after Birth year
U12 – 2006 or after Birth year
U13 – 2005 or after Birth year
U14 – 2004 or after Birth year
U15 – 2003 or after Birth year
Boys only
U16/17 – 2001 or after Birth year
Tournament Registration and Fees
● U8-U10 $450
● U11-U12 $500
● U13-U17 $550
It is anticipated that if team registers for the tournament they will be attending and will send payment via credit card online, or check in mail, as soon as online registration has
been completed. No refunds will be given to teams who withdraw after registration and payment is received. If the tournament age group is full, the team will be notified and their payment will be refunded. Tournament reserves the right to adjust division selection based on team record and league difficulty.

Risk Management – All MSYSA team officials must be Risk Management Certified by MSYSA and must be able to present their risk management card at any time during the tournament. Team officials from other state associations and/or organizations must be able to show proof of their organization’s equivalent Risk Management Certification.
Concussion – All MSYSA coaches must be able to provide their CDC Heads-Up Concussion Certification. All non-MSYSA coaches must be able to provide the CDC Heads-Up Concussion certificate or the NFHS Concussion in Sports certificate. Teams must be able to provide upon request the Michigan Department of Community Health/CDC Parent and Athlete Concussion Information Sheet for each player attending the tournament. Additionally, any player who sustains a bump to the head while playing at this tournament, must be checked for symptoms by tournament medical personnel before re-entering the game.
Red Card Policy - Anyone given a Red Card in a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game. The player’s pass card is to be held in the Registration Tent by the Tournament Director until the suspension has been fulfilled. Only the Coach or Manager is allowed to pick up the pass card upon completion of the suspension. All issuance of red cards, yellow cards, and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches, or supporters will be recorded by the tournament organization upon the completion of the event.
Tournament Cancellation Policy – All efforts will be made to play all games of the tournament with in the tournament weekend. However, should inclement weather threaten completion because of dangerous situations (immediate weather or escalating poor field conditions because of weather), Tournament Director has the right to cancel games and/or tournament for the safety of the players. Additional information in rules below.
Referee Assigning Policy – All referee assigning will be done though the Game Officials System by a Referee Assignor who is currently certified by US Soccer Federation. Out-of-Area referees must show photo identification to verify identity.
Guest Player Policy - Guest players are any players not listed on the official team roster, including but not limited to players within the same club. Guest players my not be older than the Team’s age group. All age groups will be allowed 5 guest players who will provide paperwork and forms the same as the team’s rostered players. Guest players’ within the same club need only be added to and sign the team Tournament Roster/Liability Form and provide their player pass card upon check in. Players from other clubs must provide complete MSYSA guest player form located on the state website.
Small Sided games Policy - U9-U10 will use a build-out line whereas all players must be behind the build out line before the goalie will pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate. No punting of ball is allowed. Once ball is put into play by the goalie, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes. GVSA rules will be used for all other small sided game policy.


This tournament has an online check-in process and does not require teams to bring check in paperwork to the fields. The only item checked at the field location will be player/coach pass- cards.

TEAM CHECK-IN PACKETS ARE DUE BEFORE FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2018. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS MADE FOR LATE MATERIAL SUBMISSIONS. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!  Failure to comply with this request will be grounds for immediate release from the tournament with out refund.

Packet Submission:  Please scan each set of documents listed below into separate files and email them as attachments in one email to Our Tournament check-in committee will review them upon receipt and email you as APPROVED, or with a list of missing documents. Any request for missing documents will need to be scanned and emailed back to the committee within 1 day.


Player Card Check-in at Field locations

Individual player/coach check in will take place at the field location of your first game, 1 hour prior to your first game.  A zip tie will bind your approved cards together for the duration of the tournament. 

·         Managers should present current official Player/Coach Pass Cards for all players, guest players, managers, and coaches attending the tournament, to the field marshal at the team’s first game venue.

·         Please make sure cards are alphabetized to match the tournament roster

·         Please have a hole punched in one corner of all cards to be zip tied for the weekend

·         Cards will be checked by referees prior to each game to ensure player on the card is player playing in the game.

FIFA rules apply to all games unless otherwise specified.
● Games will reflect the current rules of the MSYSA-GVSA league,
● All age groups will be allowed 5 guest players
● Players are allowed to roster and play on only one team in the tournament
● All age groups will play with a goal-keeper
● U9-U10 will use a build-out line. See policy above.
● All age groups will play with the OFFSIDES rule
● Game ball will be provided by the tournament
● Overtime will be played only in Semi Final and Final matches.
○ Overtime will consist of 2 five-minute periods played to completion. Penalty kicks will follow if necessary upon completion of the overtime period.
Age group # players Max roster Game length Ball size
U8-U10 7v7 14 players Two 25 minute halves 4
U11-U12 9v9 16 players Two 30 minute halves 4
U13-U14 11v11 18 players Two 30 minute halves 5
U15-17 11v11 22 players Two 35 minute halves 5

Tournament holds the right to place teams in age divisions above or below if deemed necessary to round out divisions. Teams will be notified prior to movement in most
Division of 4
One group of four team. Each team will play a three game round robin schedule. The first and second place teams will play for the Division Championship.
Division of 5
One group of five teams. Each team will play a four game round robin schedule. Team with best record upon completion of these games will be named Division Champion.
Division of 6
Two groups of three teams. Each team plays two game within their group and one crossover game with the other group. The top team from each group will advance to the
Championship game.
Division of 8
Two groups of four teams. Each team plays three games in their group. The team with the top record upon completion of these games will advance to the Championship game.
If 9 or more teams apply and are accepted in an age group, the age group will be broken into two separate divisions. These will be names Gold and White.
Tournament Scoring
3 points for a WIN
1 point for a TIE
0 points for a LOSS
Advancement to Championship rounds
In divisions with a Wild Card, the following determination will direct advancement to semi finals:
● #1 Group A vs #1 Group B #1 Group C vs Wild Card
If Wild Card comes from Group C, then B and C will change places
● #1 Group A vs #1 Group C #1 Group B vs Wild Card
Tie-breaker for Advancement
1. Head to head competition. If tie involves more than two teams move to next tie breaker.
2. Highest cumulative goal spread (goal FOR minus goals AGAINST) with a maximum of four goals per game won. ie: 6-0 game would be a 4 goal spread.
3. Least goals against
4. Number of shutouts
5. Penalty kicks tbd by Tournament Director
Awards will be given to Finalists and Champions in all divisions at an awards ceremony near the venue main tent following the final games. Coaches are asked to attend with their team.
A Five-minute grace period will be allowed after scheduled kick off time. If a team fails to show up within the grace period the win is awarded to the opponent and recorded as a
4-0 score. Any team forfeiting a game will give up their chance for advancement in the tournament. The minimum number of players allowed for game to carry on is 5(7v7),
6(9v9), 7(11v11). Grace period time will be taken from the first half of play.
● Home team is the first team on the schedule and will wear their “light” uniform kit. Away team will wear their “dark” uniform kit. If there is a conflict with color, the
home team will use their alternate uniform kit
● All players must wear shin guards that are covered by their socks
● All players must wear an official club uniform with a number on the back
● There will be no duplicate uniform numbers on one team
● Casts and splints or body braces made of hard substance must be covered by ½ inch thick padding to protect the injury and the opposing players
● All jewelry must be removed or covered with tape
● No hats are allowed to be worn
Heading Rule
In accordance with the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, purposeful heading has been eliminated for players in the U11 and younger age groups. Opposing team will
receive an indirect free kick from the spot where the purposeful heading has occurred.
Match play
The home team will choose the side of the field they wish to defend during the first half of the game. This will switch after halftime. The away team will get the kick off to start
the game. Players and coaches will reside on one side of the field during the game and spectators will watch the game from the opposite side of the field as their team.
Game Clock
The game clock will be a running clock and will not stop because of an injury unless deemed necessary by the referee. If the clock is stopped, the injured player must leave the field. Due to the time allotment for completion of game schedules there will be no extra time added to the clock at the end of a period.
There will be unlimited substitutions made from the centerline during the following:
● After a goal by either team
● Before a goal kick for either team
● Before a throw-in in your favor (other team may sub only if throw in team is subbing)
● In case of injury for injured player
● On yellow card, to replace the cautioned player
Players, Coaches, managers, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Laws of the Game. Parents should read the tournament Code of Conduct
before placing their signature on the Tournament Roster/Liability form. They should also discuss tournament behavior with their child before attending the tournament.
Abusive Behavior
Abusive behavior to referees and/or opponents will not be tolerated. Person(s) involved in such behavior will be given a warning by the referee and/or the field marshal present at the venue. If the behavior continues the person(s) involved will be asked to leave the premises. If they refuse to do so, authorities will be called to remove them.
Red Cards
Anyone given a Red Card in a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game*. The player’s pass card is to be held in the Registration Tent by the Tournament
Director until the suspension has been fulfilled. Only the Coach or Manager is allowed to pick up the pass card upon completion of the suspension.
*USYSA tournament hosting rules mandate that all issuance of red cards, yellow cards, and other matters involving the conduct of a team, it’s players, coaches, or supporters will be recorded by the tournament organization upon the completion of the event.
Inclement Weather & Cancellations
The tournament committee reserves the right to make the following changes in the event of inclement weather:
● Relocate and or reschedule match
● Change a Division structure
● Reduce the duration of a game
If a game is in progress and needs to be terminated during severe weather conditions it will be deemed official after the equivalent of one half has been played and the score will be recorded as it stands at the time of termination. In the event that a game cannot be completed before one half of the game’s minutes have been played, each team will be awarded a tie.

1. DISPUTES: Any disagreement which cannot be resolved by the listed rules will be settled by the Tournament Co-Directors.
a. Score disputes: In situations where there is a disagreement about the score between teams/coaches/managers etc, the tournament committee will determine
outcome by referring to the original signed game card from the game. Please make sure that the score is correct prior to signing the game sheet
2. REFEREES DECISIONS ARE FINAL NO PROTESTS NO APPEALS. Final Rulings-The final interpreter of the foregoing rules and regulations and any matters not
provided for in these rules will be the Tournament Co-Directors, whose decisions shall be final.